Sundance FSR-E vagy Eco XXL versenyhajó

As a FSR-V pilot from the past with a 30-minutes drive, I thought; In the time of electric cars and the FIA Formula E series the situation is before 2017. World Championship is smart enough to design our own FSR-E model. You may also be looking for a pure adrenaline kick of up to 15-min driving time or a Eco Expert boat but with a larger weight and higher speed class - here is the right model for this. It's a pure-bred racing boat with exemplary driving characteristics and first-class handling even under rough water conditions. It is not only a technical highlight, but is recommended due to its unique look as well with a design paint made in the mould. Here in the electric class the built-in flood chamber enables the model continue the race after a possible rollover. With her still compact dimensions can be it set up with your solid but powerful motor. It is steady and fast but careful enough to be successfully employ nearby or in the distance on any water area of you. Take a few more hours as fun to finish a piece of this model to the maiden run! 




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Video (161 MByte, mp4).

Sundance komplett készre szerelve „ARTR”
320 EUR
Komplett készre szerelve flexibilis kihajtással
353 EUR
155 EUR
Karbon-kevlár hajótest
185 EUR
Tartalék kormánylap
18 EUR
Expert egyenes kihajtás kupplungal
45 EUR
Tartalék kabin
23 EUR
Tartalék tengely M4 menettel
20 EUR
Tartalék flex tengely (2 mm titán-4 mm bronz) prop hoz M4
29 EUR

Technikai adatok:
710 mm
255 mm
kb. 2,7 Kg
28x65 mm vagy 36x50 mm 1100 Kv Brushless

9S LiPo 6300 mAh


30-31 mm Eco

50-70 km/h


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