Jolly-B Evo Scale Catamaran racing boat

The Jolly-B Evo is a 1/16 scale style model of the successful and popular Italian Offshore-Catamaran in the UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship. This Skater-Cat was from original adapted but developed to our Design conception, where the purpose was to have a smooth running quality and stability at our much more proportionable speed. Because of the steps in the sponsons, it glides easier and can run very fast. (The original 14,2 Meter long boat was built with a V12, 8,2 Liter, 920 PS Lamborghini-Engine and at 8200 rpm reached 280 km/h) Due to its relatively simple and at once very strong construction, this model is of course ideally suited for twin or also for a single flexible drive system i.e. with two 36x74 mm or with a larger 45x90 mm brushless motor, maybe with a 3.5 cc Italian nitro engine.

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Jolly kit
391 EUR
Jolly ready assembled with single flexible shaft system
451 EUR
Ready assembled with twin adjustable flexible shaft system
537 EUR
Boat hull
224 EUR
Spare cabin
20 EUR
Rudder system
75 EUR
Flexible shaft system
72 EUR
CNC boat stand of PVC-Alu 
23 EUR
Jolly Motor decoration
20 EUR

Technical data:
890 mm
Lenght overall:
995 mm
255 mm
ca. 3-4,5 Kg

2x 36x74 mm 1700-2000 Kv or 1x 45x90 mm  1800-2200 Kv possible with 3,5 cc nitro engine
4S2P or 6S2P LiPo 5500-6300 mAh

2x 38-42 mm or 1x 42-45 mm  x1,4

70-130 km/h


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