Marilyn's Oldtimer Hydroplane racing boat

It's a 1/16 scale model of an APBA Shovelnose Unlimited Hydroplane, which was mainly in action in the USA in the early 60's and late 70's in the Unlimited Hydroplane Class. Through former V12 Aircraft Engines with 21L displacement and 1100 PS (from Mustang and Spitfire airplanes) of the Rolls Royce-Merlin types. The World Speed Record from Miss U.S. in the year 1962. was already of 322,53 km/h.
This boat enables many original paintings, since this class has been extremely popular in the sixties and seventies. Through that there are several different versions also a wood covering to be realized.
Our Marilyn's can powered with 36x56 mm stock brushless motor or with 2,1 cc engine too. Through her uncomplicated building structure and of her surprisingly competitive running style, we warmly recommend for the Hydro class beginners, in one piece such a model is excellent also for scale lovers.
(The boat hull is ordered from Germany)


Marilyn's kit
227 EUR
Marilyn's ready assembled "ARTR"
257 EUR
Boat hull
100 EUR
Spare cabin
12 EUR
Rudder system
65 EUR
Turn Fin
12 EUR
Flexi shaft system
45 EUR
Inside parts: motor mounting, strenghening plates, boat stand
20 EUR
10 EUR

Technical data:
570 mm
Lenght overall:
640 mm
260 mm (at the transom)
ca. 1,2 Kg

36x56 mm 2700 Kv brushless possible 2,1 cc nitro engine


3S  LiPo 5500-6300 mAh


Octura X435

45-60 km/h


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