Torero FSR 7,5 and FSR 3,5 racing boat

The Torero was designed by us in 1992. specifically still for the FSR-6.5 endurance category, after several years of competition experiences with the classical and great Italian Delfino and the F1-V speed boats. This boat combines the advantages of both hull style. It's therefore also fast, runs stably even in extremely rough water conditions and can be exactly fine controlled in the curves. As non plus ultra: it's quiet as an electric

· Several times Hungarian Champion.
· 1st place at the International Competition in Stuttgart 1994.
· Vice World Champion in FSR 3,5 in Oroshaza 2010.
· Naviga World Champion in FSR 3,5 in Görlitz 2015.

Color variations:
Red, yellow, white

Boat hull
220 EUR
Boat hull with carbon/aramid
250 EUR
Rudder system
35 EUR
Shaft system
60 EUR
Engine mounting with gear
135 EUR
Fuel tank
18 EUR

Technical data:
950 mm
325 mm
ca. 3 Kg
CMB 45 7,5 cc or Novarossi 21 3,5 cc nitro engine
60-70 km/h


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