Horse F3-V and F3-E racing boat

The Horse was designed by us according to the -Chinese school- especially for the Naviga F3-V and F3-E skill racing categories. We have with this hull style also achieved that a well-balanced boat even by extreme sharp course changes runs stable and it keeps self exactly controllable in the water.

· World Champion in Junior in Wendlingen 1993. (by Schrems Team)
· Vice World Champion in Ilawa 1995.

Color variations:
Red, yellow, orange

Boat hull
125 EUR
Boat hull with carbon/aramid
150 EUR
Rudder system 
30 EUR
Flex shaft system 
65 EUR
Engine mounting with gear
125 EUR
Spare cabin
15 EUR
Spare flex shaft
20 EUR

Technical data:
500 mm
190 mm
Total weight:
ca. 1,5 Kg
36x56 mm brushless or OS Max 21 3,5 cc nitro engine


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