M Section World Championship of NAVIGA in Nagykanizsa, Hungary on 18-28.08.2017.  

International Race in Campogalliano in Italy on 27-28.04.2017. and visit to Lamborghini Museum by Bologna.  

NAMBA Heat Racing in Ca Fremont, USA 2016.08.27.
and visit to San Francisco.  

Well again, after 20 years of hard and dedicated work, 2 of my dreams really became true.

In the exact same scene where in 1984 the NAVIGA FSR World Championship was, a passionate team has mastered again a European Championship, as preparation for 2017 NAVIGA M WC.

I also could have been a participant of a friendly NAMBA organization in the USA, in California.

That is what I call "buoyancy" for the body and mind that make me able to search for "gold" further on. I would not change any moment from this to a piece of original Zacher cake.

M Section European Championship of Naviga in Nagykanizsa, Hungary
on 30.07.-06.08.2016.  

M Section World Championship of Naviga in Kedzierzyn Kozle and visit to Cracow, Poland 21-29.08.2015.

Yes, but what I should write about it.

Like all competitors from Junior to Senior to Naviga M World Championship I have also transferred the entry fees to Kozle.

Not talking about all the technical investment, common preparation fight, costs of voyage and hotel  that yes could cover also a pretty cool tourist trip e.g. to New York or Detroit Delray.
I was then with Norro in the first place on the list.

At 18:00 as like tired dogs we were going to hotel and in the night before the final, I had a dream that Dr Jay Leno asked me how I'm going to keep it but before I could answer he has left the room suddenly.

But I can try this also in the next years again in order to keep to my position.


A visiting to Speyer and in the technical museum in Germany on 17.08.2014.

FSR World, Championship in Dessau in Germany on 27.07.-08.08.2014.

M Section World Championship of Naviga in Ghent in Belgien. 01-11.08.2013.

So widely and so deeply in Europe to travel, I was interested in it anyway.
I could take the new Eco Expert Onyx ready to race just before departure!

In Ghent, the atmosphere was pretty relaxed, mainly after getting used to trafic system and my own path. I have especially liked versatile and creative civil architecture, from older times to modern. Then in the race I could test the new kid in action relatively successfully, so in theory – without ones spinning at the right buoy and having „small vegetables“ on the rudder - I could have reached a result far ahead of tenth place.

In Mono2 the old times are over, because nowadays many active guys could fight ahead well, closely before Chinese reaching the final and dreaming about podium only – now became realistic. The 5th place of Triton was not just playing on the sandy beach.

In mini Eco, due to the extremely wavy waters on the first day almost everyone had to forget this result of laps. After my seemingly harmless collision proved to be fatal to my propeller in the second run, my chances to final were „washed away“, the same way as for some others. The water surface was often differently windy or busy during numerous qualifying runs; also in case it was smooth it was really dangerous for stability of boats. Well, it was not easy to keep up with the lot of and in the second run changed international runs of many categories, first from depot and then do well in different situations on the pier, too.

For Mono1 I have to tell you I have learned too that I will build a better new boat, but with cooler 6mm contacts, even with 3S.

After all, a further short holiday through Paris to Cota d’Azur was pretty well deserved.

Sinsheim Modelltech Exhibition in Germany 22-24. 03. 2013.

Back in 2012, I decided during Advent to visit Sinsheim Exhibition again. As we know, we had a very cold and windy March, but in spite of this, I travelled also again. When arriving in town at 9 o’clock, all parking places were fullatthe Halls. On the otherside of the highway at Hoffenheim football stadium, there were still enough empty spaces. From there, I took the normal city bus and shortly before getting off, I noticed old sport friends Jörg Mrkwitschka and the Gunnar brothers on the bus.
During the short walk to Hall A we could discuss the projects planned for this season.

Highlights of 2012.

FSR Powerboat World Championship in Dessau in Germany on 28.07.-11.08.2012.

Powerboat Meeting in Heilbronn in Germany on 20-22.07.2012.

The Graupner Cup and Deutsches Museum (München) 27-28.05.2012.

It was a nice weekend in Pfingsten on Saturday in Stuttgart at logger Laune am Schlossplatz, with lesser sunshine at Bürgersee on Sunday.
The visit in the museum was really great.

Toys'Port for 15 years

Toi toi toi ! - I wrote it only a few short years ago. By now I have already spent three times five years usually with these jobs.

I spent a third of the time of course with model building in the workshop, or occasionally at our lakes to test the actual developments, or in the cities of the unlimited competitions.

A third of the time was spent with driving around in the car in order to obtain parts and materials, or have them manufactured. Technical Management conducted with as much empathy and discipline as possible and almost direct touch with the people also in the traffic jam.

A third of the time was spent at the office in front of the PC, writing e-mails and keeping in contact with the customers, coordinating the orders, and also handling our assignments to other companies as well as the required payments for the state. It is necessary of course, so that the whole will operate smoothly, or to put it more correctly, several people can also do it for themselves.

Of course according to the standard opinion and various for instance female expectations it is evident that it is not normal that man works logically permanently twelve hours a day, mostly even at the weekends. But it is exactly this passionate engagement, which keeps me healty too. The continuous fight for the delivery time, together with the various accompanying difficulties, or in some headwind, as well as the inflation will nevertheless be balanced out with the already very well remunerated chemical success in the "bulb".

As I dreamed it, we wandered on this red marked way to the peak together, and this was by no means an easy tourist trip! I'm excited about the new, about how we will return from here, or perhaps we will feel like to move on the orangeway. I'm very grateful for the customers, who have given me their interest, negotiation style and and mostly trust they presented to me. I hope their part still remains for a long time, like an active building block!

However, if I had a really great idea, I would - instead of sitting here on the blue sofa - jump from this rocky mountain into the water, I would like choose a partner from nearby, like Joe Kelly .-)

Kind regards, as in the past 15 years it was mainly you who have contributed to the evoliuton of a top brand ahead of many, many others.

Until soon

Joseph Toth

Highlights of 2011.

International race in Campogalliano in Italy on 21-22.05.2011.

ECO-IDC race in Moormeland with excursion to Koeln on 13-14.08. 2011.

Hungarian M Championship in Orfű-Pécs on 17.09.2011.

Modell Exhibition in Friedrichshafen on 01-04.11.2011.

Highlights of 2010.

International race in Campogalliano in Italy 01-02.05.2010

FSR Powerboat World Championship of Naviga in Orosháza in Hungary. 27.07.2010.- 08.08.2010.

M Section World Championship of Naviga in Murrhardt in Germany. 17-26.09.2010.

Modell Exhibition in Wienna 23-26.10.2010.

Highlights of 2009.

SAW in Duisburg with excursion to Cuxhaven on 07-09.08.2009.

FSR European Championship in Orosháza in Hungary on 27.07.-08.08.2009.

Goldacher Race Days. in Swiss on 22-23.09.2009.

Hungarian M Championship in Nagykanizsa on 19.09. 2009.

Hungarian Powerboat Meeting in Budapest on 26.09.2009.

Visit to London and performance in Promenade Park with Bingo Race II. on 10.-12.12.2009.

Goldacher Race Days 23-24.08.2008.

Though it had been planned long before now I payed a visit to the traditional Swiss Competition. Near to the Lake Boden calm people and -especially on Sunday- brilliant sparky sunhine hosted us. Beside Italian Campogalliano - accompanied with fellows - I do think of coming back here some time …


Modell Exhibition - Friedrichshafen/Germany 11.3-5. 2006

Along the Lake of Boden this town can rather be easily to reach. Time to time there are different shows/exchibitions of auto tuning or erotic or boat modelling just to spoil your interest…


Motorboat Modeller's Championship Thale/Germany 07. 14-23. 2006.

This year the picturesque little town of the former Democratic Republic of Germany has welcomed the motor boat modellers for 10 hot days.
This world championship was remarkable for me not becouse of my successfulness but I'am very glad that I could get to know not just the surroundings but some of my fellow competitors and I hope I've made lasting friendship with them.
For example Dominique Mangin and his friends from France, Georg Humbel and his friends from Switzerland, Tom Feyen and his friends from Belgium…



Zoltán Tóth- NAVIGA Vice World Champion 2002

The Slovenian FSR Competition 2000 brought an unexpected result: my brother came home with a gold medal. The model, which he been used at that time, ran relatively unstable, because originally it was planned for an Electro Mono-III class and it had steps. The Triton was very fast but it wasn't laid out for the enormous turn-momentum of a engine. Also, the tight curves of the M-course were a big challenge. Thank to the good driving techniques of my brother, and also to some luck, the Hungarian flag was raised up and our national hymn was played. We started to go over the hull after such a result and such experiences. Without steps and with a small horizontal surface in the centre of the hull, I wanted to improve the driving capacity. With the precise work of my brother, the new boat was prepared. During the first test you could see already that the Triton was as fast as before but now it was much more stable. Its behaviour in the curves improved extremely.

13. World Competition for model racing-boats in Belchatow, Poland 2002.07.31 - 08.10.

The rounds were on rough water. Zoltan could still qualify for the final. However, they noticed in the of the moment that the equaliser of our boat lay too far behind. For better stability, the centre of gravity should be put more forwards. In the final he could race with the help of a pliers, which was fixed to the front of the boat. Only a Chinese racer could pass us by with an American hull, which was well ballanced for an M-course. The flash of silver and the interest in the peoples eyes was that the original offshore form was brought by Triton. Because of the decision of the Naviga-committee-meeting, the O-categories are furthermore able to run on an oval course also in Europe and we'll still have the chance to achieve a good result. ThJ


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