Joker-race ECO racing boat

The Joker-Race, first of all, is a version developed for competition in the classes ECO Standard and Expert. In it's tuning this boot shows specific differences with the Hobby version and is prepared for components of high performance. .
For the assembling and operation there should be already at hand experiences in mounting and operation of race boats because this technique requires more virtuosity in the shop and on the water as well.

· Very light boat hull (155g)
· Flatter V-form for highest speed
· Built with "tidal canal"
· Aerodynamically favorable, big-volume cabin in drop-form, supports the immediate
.. turning back after a capsize.
· Smaller and thinner rudder surface (worked out sharply)
· Expert shaft system made of stainless steel


· Third place at the European Championship in Nürnberg 2000,
· Hungarian champion
· Italian champion 2001.2002. 2005-2008.
· French champion 2001.2002.2003.
· Slovenian champion 2005.
· American SAW record in ECO 31,25 MPH 11.07. Bill Wilmer Oxidean
· Fifth place at the ECO IDC European Championship 2011

Color variations:
· Red with white cabin,
· yellow with blue cabin,
· purple with red cabin

Video (50MByte, wmv)

Video Goldach(33MByte, wmv)

Spare parts:
Joker-Race kit
160 EUR
Joker -Race ready to run
199 EUR
Boat hull
115 EUR
Boat hull made of carbon fiber /aramid
135 EUR
Rudder blade (stainless steel)
10 EUR
Expert drive-system (stainless steel soldered )
40 EUR
Replacement cabin-deck (with carbon look)
15 EUR
Replacement shaft (hardened steel) with gold plated M4 thread

Technical data:
470 mm
185 mm
cca 1 Kg

28x60mm or 36x45mm 5000Kv Brushless may be OS MAX 10 FP-MX Glow


2S LiPo  5500-6000 mAh

TO Race 25-27mm
35-50 km/h


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